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Photo : Metiner Gören

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Exhibited in


2015 Defter Kıyımı / Sketchbook Massacre (Solo), Anticafe, İstanbul

Oh Be Dünya Varmıs! (Deniz Koloğlu) , Tasarım Bakkalı , İstanbul

The Craft Haus Artist Collective ft. Erkin Gören, Paradise Kulturraum - Wedding, Berlin

Kein Problem, Die Sonne 78 - Neukölln, Berlin

Everyone My Friend (Solo), 311artworks - Tophane, Istanbul

2014 Public Space in Private Show, Salon Pink, Gaswerk - Weimar

Sushikebap, Urban Spree - Friedrichshain, Berlin

2013 Chapul '‘What We Learned From Looting So Far’', Kreuzberg Pavillion - Berlin

Shape Titled Solo Exhibition - Merkezi - Kreuzberg, Berlin

2012 Kreuzkassel, Kreuzberg Pavillion - Kassel, Germany

Mon Habite, Zentrum für Kultur und Urbanistik - Berlin

Ekmek, Kreuzberg Pavillion - Berlin

Interperspectives, Zentrum für Kultur und Urbanistik - Berlin

Body Pleasure Pressure, Cezayir Salonu - Istanbul

Like an Animal, Milk Gallery - Istanbul

Diyemedim / I Couldn't Say (Solo), O.T. Projektraum - Berlin

2011 Soft City, Alan - Istanbul

Destroy Istanbul, Neurotitan Gallery - Berlin

Where the Fire Has Struck, Depo - Istanbul

2010 Istila, 20. Istanbul Art Fair - Istanbul

Ability to Face the Uncertain, Serdar-ı Ekrem Street - Istanbul

A Wall is a Door, Global Art Federation - Istanbul

Public Enemy, Kargart - Istanbul

Subconscious, 6:45 Gram - Istanbul

2009 My Name is Casper, Karşı Sanat - Istanbul

Urban Bridges, Gallery Nauwieser - Istanbul

Istanbul Off-Spaces, Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien - Istanbul

Horaley, Mtaär / G.A.F / Alan - Istanbul

Local Illustrators I, Mtaär - Istanbul

Escape From Civilization, Mtaär - Istanbul

You Don’t Understand, Global Art Federation - Istanbul

2008 Young Istanbul, Stockholm Färgfabriken - Stockholm, Sweden

Fear of Flying, Daralan - Istanbul

Urban Jealousy, 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran - Istanbul

Connect the Dots, Hafriyat Karaköy - Istanbul

Do Not Ask Why, Hafriyat Art Group - Istanbul

Intercourses, Global Art Federation - Istanbul

2007 Alternative Election Posters, Hafriyat Karaköy - Istanbul

The Street Arts Show, Hafriyat Karaköy - Istanbul

2005 Salzburg Academy Group Exhibition , Salzfabrik - Salzburg

2004 Microshare, Kino - Istanbul

Mülayim Taarruz : Extreme Exteriors, Gallery X - Istanbul

1999 Mural work at Kreuzberg Municipality Building, Berlin








Founded & Co-Founded



Mtaär - Open Art Space (2008 - 2010) İstanbul


Our long story artist collective, born as a group exhibition named Mülayim Taarruz (Gentle Attack), gradually evolved into an online artist network. Finally shortened its name to Mtaär and had its own exhibition space in Kadikoy/Moda.


Mtaar, became an unregistered, artist-fed platform where we host monthly exhibitions of more than a hundred independent artists, collectives and diverse forms of art. The space quickly gained local appreciation and worldwide artist initiatives' interest.


In 2010, Mtaar was shut down due to legal coverage avoidence policy. (T.A.Z.)




Atölye Onbir - Painting & Illustration Studio (2007 - 2010) Istanbul


Studio space where I and my friend Sevil Tunaboylu acompanied art enthusiasts, prepared youngsters to art academies, gave lectures on art history, design basics, color theory, etc. Also organized free workshops on visual arts, math, perception and computer programming.




Reftlight - Collaborative Audio Experiment


A curated sound broadcast open to the participation of all musicians and sound artists. Every once in a while, announces a reference sound as the contextual focus of the upcoming issue. The idea is to gather people around one common influence and collect the outcome into an album. Artists are free to do whatever with the given sound.


ReftLight published five issues in collaboration with more than thirthy artists, has been featured by Radio Grenouille of Marseille / France in 2010. The same year provided audio content to İstanbul Soundshift Sound Art Festival.




Horaley - Visual Arts Mag (2007 - 2012 • Istanbul)


Horaley is an online publication in which all artists can take place. Horaley’s contexts may be stated as a word, a concept, an audio track, a poem or a short movie.


Between 2007 - 2012, Horaley published 36 issues, exhibiting more than five hundred art pieces. Forty artists, most joining their first group show, a real world exhibition was held in 2008, located in three spaces in İstanbul including Mtaar, Global Art Foundation and Alan.





Fakir Radio - Temporary Autonome Internet Radio

Pirate radio with eclectic content.





Worked as

Teacher, Course Program & Content Developer

Atölye Onbir (Painting, Illustration) / Netron (Visual Communication Deisgn)



Mtaär / ZKU / Kreuzberg Pavillon



Various Books / Serhh / Karga / Eksi Magazine / Bant Magazine / Bilim Teknik Magazine / TBWA / Adobe / Nike / WWF



Kupka / Doog / Anadol / Ohne / Fonly Vunday



Radyo Babylon / Açık Radyo / Digiturk


Reverse Engineering / Advanced Gui Automation / Data Analysis

Autoaid : Car Diagnosis Device Development

2012 - 2014 • Berlin





Studied at


Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee 2011 - 2014 • Berlin

Spatial Strategies (Drop Out)

with Kathrin Wildner, Gerda Heck, Stephan Mörsch, Brad Downey, Lutz Henke, Alice Creshner, Maren Strack


International Salzburg Summer Academy 2005 • Salzburg


with Zhou Brothers

Austrian Government Scholarship


Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University 2000 - 2004 • Istanbul


with Zekai Ormancı, Güngör Taner, Gökhan Anlagan, Kadir Reisli


İstanbul Anatolian Fine Arts Highschool 1996 - 2000 • Istanbul

Painting, Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration

with Oya Tansel, Metin Kus, Gülercan Hacıoglu, Sumru Eksioglu


Raziye Kubat Studio 1991 - 1996 • İstanbul

Painting & Printing


Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University 1988 - 1990 • Fındıklı, İstanbul

Painting for Children









I create with love and share it for free,

I collect donations to live on a fruit tree.



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